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Sarah Butcher
Sarah Butcher
Global Editor
London | Articles by Sarah Butcher

Sarah Butcher is the global editor for eFinancialCareers.

An experienced financial journalist, Sarah joined eFinancialCareers full time in 2006 after writing freelance for us for many years. She’s held a number of roles in our team, including editor, ‘editor at large’, UK site editor, and now global editor.

Before joining eFinancialCareers, she spent many years freelancing for Financial News, during which time she also wrote regular pieces on management and property for the Financial Times. She’s also been known to write (under a pseudonym) for the Sunday Times.

A graduate from Oxford University in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Sarah was a contemporary of George Osborne, whom she never actually met. She did once attend a Piers Gaveston party, but in a purely observational capacity and saw no evidence of pigs.

When she’s not working, Sarah is walking her dog. Or gardening. Or trying to convince the cat that the dog won’t chase it given half the chance.    

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